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Our Product

Our data analytics platform will allow Law Firms, Financial Institutions and Corporations to cut through the noise generated by thousands of legal and regulatory decisions published every day, providing for the ability effectively understand and price legal and government risk and to make better business decisions.


Access statistical profiles of companies, lawyers, judges and courts.

Useful for:
  • Litigation
  • In-house Counsel

News Feed

Stay up-to-date on matters in the legal system using the Jurimetrics Newsfeed, an information tool for the social media age.

Useful for:
  • Business Development


Significantly reduce due diligence times through aggregated information access.

Useful for:
  • Due Diligence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


Access our data for your internal modelling and analysis.

Useful for:
  • Risk Modelling
  • Prediction


How it works

We are partnering with publishers and government to collect, filter, sanitize, sort and analyse data from decisionmakers, tribunals and licencing bodies. We have collected thousands of cases from Australia into our database and have linked the information together to provide insight and analysis not seen anywhere before.


We have automated systems in place to collect government information and extract the useful data.


We sanitize the data and link it together in our database to ensure that you see the signal and not the noise.


Our service presents you with the big picture, telling you exactly what you need to know, without having to read all those documents.

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Our Team

Photo of Conrad Karageorge

Conrad Karageorge

Managing Director


Conrad is a Law and Commerce graduate. He has experience working in corporate legal services, recruitment and in Australian and international economic think-tanks. Conrad has been responsible for the development of Jurimetrics’ core value proposition and vision. He has lead the development of the production team and Innovation Network.

Photo of Henry Hollingworth

Henry Hollingworth

Chief Technical Officer

Henry is a self-taught developer with experience working for eNett and LiveHire - two highly successful Australian startups. He has strong technical skills across the whole stack. Henry always has a strong focus on good software development practices and greatly appreciates immediately understandable code.

Photo of Sam Spilsbury

Sam Spilsbury

Founding Developer

LLB/BA(Communication Studies)

Sam is a self-taught software developer with degrees in Law and Arts. He has worked at two companies that make operating systems, Canonical and Endless Mobile Inc. He has interned at top tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms. Sam also has a strong focus on building maintainable software that delivers outcomes for users whilst still maintaining professional and innovative designs.

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