Usage and Display of Metadata

Where we are sourcing data from

We are sourcing data by reading the websites of the ACCC, ASIC’s Markets Disciplinary Panel, Legal Media Sources, the New South Wales Environment Protection Agency and Worksafe in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New Sotuh Wales. We also source data about Australian Courts from BarNet JADE Pty Ltd.

Where we store our data

We store archives of information in a secure and encrypted location hosted on Amazon Web Services Datacenters in Sydney, Australia. This information does not leave Australia, except in cases where it is accessed by users of the Jurimetrics Platform overseas.

We periodically destroy older archives of information as new data-sets are processed by our data processing pipeline.

What we are doing with metadata

We are making available metadata on these datasets on the Jurimetrics Platform, which allows you to search one place to find all the existing publically available information on the intersection between business and government.

In some cases we employ data-matching technology to determine if a record in multiple registries refers to the same entity. The purpose of this data matching is to make the platform a more streamlined experience for our users.

The Jurimetrics Platform is a publically accessible website designed to allow users to search corporations, businesses and law firms to get a better understanding of their litigation and regulatory history. In this area we solve a market need because no such platform exists in Australia and performing litigation sources at each Court individually is a costly and time-consuming procedure. The Jurimetrics Platform has three key pieces of functionality:

  1. An analytics service which enables users to visualise litigation and regulatory patterns of corporations, businesses, industries and law firms through the use of charts and graphs.
  2. A “news feed” service which enables users to subscribe to updates on the litigation and regulatory activity of corporations, businesses, law firms and barristers.
  3. A search service, which enables users to search all current and past litigation and regulatory activity of corporations, businesses, law firms and barristers.

Jurimetrics Pty Ltd will also be making available Privacy Act compliant metadata to analytics partners. These partners have special skills and resources in technologies such as deep learning and statistical analysis and will be able to generate risk assessment models based on litigation and regulatory trends. These risk assessment models may be onsold to other professional and financial services providers such that they can make better decisions about the risks they choose to take on.

Removal of Personal Information

Personal information (such as the names of individuals to court actions) is automatically detected removed from source data by suppliers before it reaches Jurimetrics’ infrastructure. Jurimetrics Pty Ltd has entered into agreements with suppliers to provide proprietary technology to redact personal information on the suppliers infrastructure. Jurimetrics Pty Ltd is unable to access the original data (which may include personal information) before the data is supplied to Jurimetrics Pty Ltd. This is why you may see “NAME HIDDEN” in place of some entity names.

Terms of Service

Users of the Jurimetrics Platform and our analytics partners, both in Australia and overseas, will be bound by the Jurimetrics Terms of Service. The Terms of Service will require that, amongst other things, users of the service are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles. This ensures that all of our users are bound by Australian privacy law. Jurimetrics Pty Ltd will reserve the right to terminate service to users who fail to abide by the Terms of Service.

Complaints and Takedown Procedure

Jurimetrics recognises the certain bodies may have genuine privacy concerns where information about that body is made available to the general public or to data analytics partners. As such, Jurimetrics Pty Ltd will be providing a complaints and take down mechanism where a body may specify the nature of their concern and request to have information either removed from the Jurimetrics system or corrected. Jurimetrics Pty Ltd will review the request and if it is determined that the concern is genuine, the relevant records or names will be added to a list of names to be removed the next time our data processing pipeline runs. Should a dispute arise as to whether the concern is genuine, Jurimetrics Pty Ltd will refer the matter to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and will follow directions made by the OAIC.

Where information is to be suppressed by a Court Order, Jurimetrics has developed a instant-notification system that can be used by our data supply partners. Once a notification is received by our data supply partners on the notification system, the relevant record or name will be suppressed from the system.

To request that information be removed, contact [email protected]

User Accounts

Users of the system have the option to create a user account on the Jurimetrics Platform. Creating a user account enables us to provide those users with a more enhanced service in the future.

Information we collect and why we collect it

We collect your name, e-mail address and a password. These are used to identify a user to our system and to provide customer service where it is required. We do not onsell this information to third parties.

When creating a user account you may opt to receive marketing material from Jurimetrics Pty Ltd. This marketing material provides you with information from Jurimetrics Pty Ltd about product updates and new related services. You can opt-out of receiving updates and marketing material at any time by navigating to at any time whilst logged in.

We create an irreversible hash of your password and store the encrypted version of that in our system, so we are unable to tell you what your password is in case you lose it. We are only able to reset the password if you prove that you control the corresponding email address. You should follow good password hygiene practices when using the Jurimetrics Platform as when you would use any other website - choose a memorable but sufficiently long password and avoid re-using the same password on multiple sites. Consider using a password manager to generate and manage your passwords.


When you interact this webpage and the Jurimetrics Platform, we may collect anonymous usage analytics which help us to improve our service. We do not collect what users are searching for, nor do we attempt to link the information provided in user accounts to analytics data.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) requires that we provide a formal copy of our full Privacy Policy. That document can be found here. This page is intended to be a consumer friendly guide to the Privacy Policy. To the extent of any inconsistency between this page and the formal Privacy Policy, the formal Privacy Policy prevails.

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