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Business Development

Using Jurimetrics, Law Firms can optimize their competitive advantage to attract new clients. Collecting information from published government decisions and capital markets, Jurimetrics provides law firms with a history of their matters and enables them to compare their suitability to that of other law firm, helping to highlight their competitive advantage in tender rounds and client pitches.

Due Diligence

Jurimetrics is able to significantly reduce the cost and time required to perform due diligence. Using our product, your firm can search for information from hundreds of legal and regulatory bodies at a local, state and federal level, displaying the licences, properties and disputes a particular company is associated with.

Jurimetrics is also pioneering the new methods of providing due diligence services to clients. Our technology can provide acquiring organisations with information on the regulatory and legal risks associated with particular companies, industries and activities the target company is exposed to.

This enhanced insight and efficiency will provide corporate teams with the strategic edge they need to attract new client and build on current client relationships.

Planning and Development

Jurimetrics data analytics technology offers planning and development teams the ability to assess the legal and regulatory risks associated with property developments in particular local councils. With our product, lawyers and commercial advisers can assess the development and planning approval activity of local governments as well as the litigation history of councils with respect to planning and development issues. This will provide lawyers with the information they need to advise property developers about the risks and opportunities of new developments, minimising their risk and maximising their return.

Regulatory Advisory

Corporations are consistently dealing with regulatory bodies across local, state and federal levels of government. Using Jurimetrics, Governance, Risk and Compliance teams can analyse key trends in regulatory decision making and how these decisions may affect the operations of their clients.

Litigation Analysis

Jurimetrics collects information from thousands of legal decisions across dozens of courts and tribunals. This data provides lawyers with the ability to perform empirical legal analysis on opposing counsel, counterparties and judicial decision-makers, assisting with the drafting of submissions and the setting of case strategy.

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