public sector

Understanding and analysing department operations

Jurimetrics proprietary machine reading technology to collect information from decisions across local, state and federal government agencies. This data is processed, linked and aggregated so that it can be displayed on user-friendly content specific dashboards accessed through a search engine.

Real-time Agency Analytics

Government policy makers and law-makers need to be consistently informed about key trends in decisions made by Government agencies. Our analytics tools provides Directors, Policy Officers and Government Ministers with real time information on these decisions and disputes brought before their agencies. This real time information provides valuable business intelligence needed to effectively govern.

Enhanced Government Reporting

Jurimetrics analytics will make it easier for government departments to provide high level reporting on their operations and workloads. The charts Jurimetrics presents will offer agencies with charts clearly demonstrating decision frequency and segmentation, these charts can then be exported and inserted into a presentation or report.

A Policy Communication Tool

Using our product, government agencies will be able to publish regular policy updates, press releases and recent rulings onto industry and agency specific dashboards, directly communicating Government positions to all relevant private sector stakeholders.

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