financial services

Legal and Regulatory Due Diligence

Jurimetrics is pioneering new methods of providing due diligence services to clients. Our technology can provide financial organisations with information on the regulatory and legal risks associated with particular companies, industries and activities of potential counterparties or customers.

This enhanced insight and efficiency will provide financial institutions with the strategic edge they need to minimise legal and regulatory risk and maximise financial return.

Litigation and Regulation as an Economic Indicator

Jurimetrics technology provides analytics on the interactions of thousands of companies with all three levels of government and hundreds of government agencies. This information provides financial institutions with economic data on the ways in which laws and government administrations are affecting the operations and profitability of organisations. This can be used to profile a government’s ability to boost economic growth or gauge business sentiment.

Corporate Social Responsibility Investment

For investors looking to invest in organisations that meet certain corporate social responsibility requirements, Jurimetrics provides clear data on a company’s track record in complying CSR mandates. Our product provides information on a company’s environmental and employment history through the analysis of environmental regulatory records and industrial relations records across all three levels of government and benchmarks this record against the industry average. This provides investors with a clear understanding of whether a particular company meets the investor corporate social responsibility threshold.

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