Facts and Questions

What is Jurimetrics?

Jurimetrics is an information company which collects data from court, government and media sources, we then aggregate this information as analytics, tables and a feed on a web based platform.

Our Platform

We have recently completed a working demo of our Platform which collects information from the Western Australian legal system as well as selected government registries and media sources and visualises this information as a feed, tables and graphs.

How can I search for data?

You can search for companies, law firms and government agencies by accessing the demo and typing into the search bar on the top left hand side. A series of search matches will drop down from the search bar organised by type (Law firm, Party, Counsel or Judge). Simply click on the entity that you are searching for.

What datasets do you have available?

  • The last 10 years from the Western Australian State Administrative Tribunal, Supreme Court and District Court.
  • ASIC’s Markets Disciplinary Panel register
  • ACCC’s registers of undertakings, merger approvals and infringement notices.
  • Infringement notices and licencing information from the New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Information on Mergers and Acquisitions Activity sourced from news websites.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Penalty Notice registers from Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia

What if there is data I want to see, but isn’t on the platform?

We’re always on the lookout for new data that can help our customers. Get in touch on our website and we’ll see what we can arrange.

What if I want the data in an API or XML format?

We’re currently working on making our dataset available as an easy to access XML and API format, please feel free to get in touch, we’re happy to assist with bespoke requests.

Can I see your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here.

I’d like to remove or correct my data

Happy to help. Please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


We think the data we provide is as about as accurate as a human would be if they read all the documents and compiled statistics by hand according to a detailed set of rules. Of course, there are pitfalls in using software to read old, and potentially poorly formatted legal documents, which means that there may be some records which appeared in the source documents that don’t appear in our system. Our internal tests place this figure at around 3-4% of source records being unreadable.

You might also notice that sometimes an has multiple different names in our system. Sadly, the complexity of the real world means that an entity might well go by many different names or due to the inconsistencies between government departments, variations of the same name. We have processes in place to deal with that as best as we can, including using edit-distance based text-matching between entities and lists of canonical names, such as the Australian Business Registry.

Accuracy is something that we’re always working to improve, but due to the realities of the data we work with explained above, we cannot warrant that the data and statistics you see are 100% accurate. They should be used as a guide and you should seek independent advice before relying on the data.

Have some feedback, we’d love to hear it!

Please feel free to get in touch with us; you can fill out our typeform at this link:

Or you can get in touch with our director Conrad Karageorge at his email [email protected]

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